Outstanding Employer


Emplois Compétences was awarded the Outstanding Employer certification by the BNQ (Bureau de normalisation du Québec). This demonstrates our concern in maintaining an excellent relationship with our employees and that we understand how the scarcity of labor can affect the growth and survival of the company. Additionally, it attests to our commitment to human resources. The Outstanding Employer recognition is not only achieve through completing an organizational survey. It is also a series of activities or interventions, organized and structured to enhance the employer’s brand and maximize the productivity of Emplois Compétences:

  • Survey of employee opinions on the 68 practices governing internal business relations;
  • A course of action to improve management practices; Implementation of an improvement committee;
  • Clarification of the employer’s brand and organizational philosophy;
  • Leadership and collaboration training for managers and employees respectively;
  • Revision of the welcome document, functions and responsibilities and report cards;
  • Identifying employee potential and talent development;
  • Strategies to maintain motivation, mobilization and recognition of staff;
  • Strategies to attract and retain employees, website and social networks.

Personalized coaching in person or via the phone, the web and follow-up measures.




Emplois Compétences holds an Investissement Compétences certification for its commitment in developing the skills of its workers through continuous training. Holding this certification means that Emplois Compétences as consolidate its efforts to: 

  • Recognize that the skills, experience and knowledge of its people are at the heart of a business success;
  • Development and skill recognition within all staff category;
  • Appreciate that basic training is a determinant in shaping the life quality of individuals;
  • Refine cooperation between the employer and workers, or people who represent them, to develop a method to determine training needs;
  • Support investment in training, in order to cultivate human capital and increase business productivity, while keeping in mind the requirements of business operations;
  • Promote work-based learning to stimulate staff involvement.




Emplois Compétences was twice a finalist at the Mercuriades. The business competition organized by, the Federation of the Chamber of Commerce of Quebec.

  • 2015, finalist in the Community Involvement category
  • 2014, finalist in the Proactive Labor Management category



Emplois Compétences participates in the Recyc-Québec ICI on recycle + program.