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Yet Another Remarkable Employer Certification for Emplois Compétences

At this start of February 2019, our company has received, for the 3rd time in a row, the Remarkable Employer certification. Our team is very proud of this collective success. Awarded by the Bureau de la normalisation du Québec, the Remarkable Employer certification aims to recognize environments that are great places to work.

Every two years, our employees fill out a long questionnaire about different workplace aspects such as atmosphere, teamwork, advancement opportunities, salary, benefits, continuous training, etc.

The personnel notes on a 1 to 10 scale his or her own view of each statement. The same exercise is repeated, but this time, it is the company’s performance on the same matters that is measured. Therefore, we can evaluate the employee’s expectations and their satisfaction towards their employer.

The analysis of the results merely confirmed what we already knew: working at Emplois Compétences is a pleasant experience.

Congratulations to the team and management!


Top 10: Most employee-appreciated practices

  1. The positive atmosphere in the offices and the way employees treat one another with respect between all departments;
  2. The sense of collaboration and trust between people;
  3. A work schedule known in advance allowing for a better balance between professional and personal life;
  4. A management team with a clear vision of the future and a business development plan;
  5. An immediate supervisor who is experienced, competent and in control of his/her emotions, who knows how to communicate and to give me information;
  6. A warm welcome and quality training that is organized and professional at the start of employment;
  7. Direct access to reliable and necessary information to better accomplish my responsibilities;
  8. Competitive social benefits and salary compared to the industry norms;
  9. Clarity of criteria of evaluation;
  10. Acknowledgement of work well done and of successes in the department.


Emplois Compétences Gives $1000 to Trophée RobotFly

This year, in accordance with our reinvestment in the community program, we reiterate our commitment towards the Trophée RobotFly by donating $1000 to the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu CEGEP Foundation.

The 2nd finale will take place on Wednesday, March 6, 2019, at the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu CEGEP.

The event aims to promote robotics activities among youth and businesses as well as encouraging collaboration opportunities between academic and industrial sectors right up to the international level with the initiative of Groupe CLARET. 

In March 2018, we were a partner during the provincial finale: a historical first in Quebec. 

This year, five additional CEGEPs and more than four times the number of participants will take part in the competition. 

We are very pleased to be involved in this event that will give six winning students the opportunity to represent Quebec in France this April.


November 2018

Emplois Compétences no longer purchases bottled water. In the wake of the numerous environmental movements, our Environment Committee and our Continuous Improvement Committee have suggested using water jugs and glasses instead of plastic bottles.

The company, which will celebrate its 25 years of existence in spring, welcomes dozens of visitors and guests every week for both hiring interviews and human resources training activities in its Sherbrooke, Granby and Boucherville offices.

“We were looking for a way to reduce our ecological footprint, Environment Committee members explain, so we decided to stop buying plastic water bottles. We offered a greener alternative and our colleagues supported the decision.’’



This decision follows up on the other environmental measures adopted by Emplois Compétences in the last year. For example, Emplois Compétences owns a 100% electric car since  December 2017 as well as two charging stations in the Sherbrooke parking lot to allow the electric car owners to charge their vehicle during work.

Emplois Compétences also recycles. This might seem trivial in a city where every household has access to a recycling bin. However, businesses must go through required formalities on their own to be able to recycle. And Emplois Compétences proudly took the necessary steps.

These initiatives allowed the company to receive the ICI, on recycle certification delivered by Recyc-Québec on June 1st 2017. Emplois Compétences wishes to renew its certification in June 2019. The Environment Committee plans to propose more measures for the year to come.



September 2018

Emplois Compétences proudly announces the renewal of its partnership with the Granby CEGEP within the framework of its reinvestment program for physics technologies.

Every year since 2013, Emplois Compétences donates shirts for students and teachers in the Industrial Engineering Technology and in the Mechanical Engineering Technology programs.

The donation given by Emplois Compétences enables students to pay only $5 for their mandatory shirt instead of having to pay full price.

The shirt is used to identify students during industry visits, internships and program-promoting activities. Students wear the shirt for the training program in the James Bay trip. The shirt features both the Emplois Compétences and the Granby CEGEP logos.

“Several employers told us that our students have a very professional look during visits, partly because they all wear the same shirt, explains Richard Robert, the program representative and coordinator. The shirt is also helpful to locate students in the plant because they are dressed the same. We greatly appreciate this tool that generates a sense of belonging to the student’s program and educational institution.’’

This year, there are 64 students enrolled in these programs.


August 2018

Emplois Compétences is proud to announce an agreement with a major new partner: The Soucy Group.

The Soucy Group is a private corporation founded by Mr Gilles Soucy in 1967. With more than 1700 employees in 12 locations in North America and Asia, Soucy designs and manufactures different components for major recreational vehicle manufacturers, as well as leaders in the industrial, agriculture and defence sectors.

Emplois Compétences is now responsible for Soucy Group’s recruiting activities so that the manufacturer can focus on its expertise.

Long live this collaboration!




July 2017

Previously located in Port-Daniel, Emplois Compétences’ office in Gaspesie is moving to a new location, in Chandler.

October 2016

Team building day for all Emplois Compétences staff.


June 2016

Investment programs in the community, Emplois Compétences awards scholarships to Commission scolaire de Val-des-Cerfs.

April 2016

Emplois Compétences responsible for recruiting staff for Nemaska Lithium.


October 2015

Investment programs in the community, Emplois Compétences partner’s again with the Granby-Profitez! Campaign.


October 2015

Emplois Compétences responsible for recruiting staff for McInnis Cement.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29_site

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Investment programs in the community, Emplois Compétences awards 10 scholarships to CRIF (Integrated Regional Training Center). 


Friday, March 13, 2015

Emplois Compétences was a finalist in the Mercuriades 2015 provincial competition (from the Federation of the Chamber of Commerce of Quebec), in the “community involvement” category for the small business sector.