Mission and values : in synch with our commitment

Our mission statement

Promptly provide customized services and human resources solutions for our customers by offering them:

  • A package contract for skilled labor supply;
  • Adapted assistance to help them meet HR many challenges;
  • Support job seekers in their search for new employment;
  • Commitment to reinvest a significant portion of our profits into training and human resource development.

Our values 

The values of the company guide our work and actions. They form the basis of our business relationships and determine how we achieve our goals. The values conveyed by Emplois Compétences are:



Coherence guides our actions, and we assume them with confidence.


We are committed to fostering synergy in a common, innovative and differentiated strategy.


It is with rigor and professionalism that we assume accountability for our individual and collective responsibilities.


We reject the status quo! It is with consideration, willingness to question ourselves and resilience that we accept change.


In a spirit of continuous, proactive and creative improvement, we constantly strive for innovation.


Maintain healthy interpersonal relationships, by welcoming difference with gratitude, empathy and respect.


We bring together the different actors to achieve a common objective.


Our personalized approach place people at the heart of our concerns.


Our vision

Creators of success, builders of tomorrow.