Mission and values : in synch with our commitment

Our mission statement

Promptly offer personalized services and human resources solutions to our clients by providing:

  • Turnkey services for skilled labour needs;
  • Tailor-made HR solutions to businesses and organizations;
  • Support for candidates in their new work environment integration;
  • A commitment to reinvest an important part of its profits into training and human resources development.
Our values 

These corporate values guide our daily work and actions. They are the foundation of our professional relationships and of the way we achieve our goals. At Emplois Compétences, our values are as follow:



Our actions are guided by coherence and we endorse them confidently.


We are committed to fostering synergy in a common, innovative and differentiated strategy.


We are responsible for our individual and collective liability and it is with rigour and professionalism that we take them on.


We are unafraid of change! We take advantage of major shifts by being willing to question ourselves and to show resilience.


In a spirit of continuous, proactive and creative improvement, we constantly strive for innovation.


We maintain healthy interpersonal relationships by welcoming difference with gratitude, empathy and respect.


We bring together tkey contributors to achieve a common goal.


Our personalized approach place people at the heart of our concerns.


Our vision

Creating success today, to build a better tomorrow.