HR solutions

Human resources strategic support services

Our team provides structured human HR accompaniment services to businesses, tailored to your reality and daily challenges.

Much more than just an employment agency, we can assist you in hiring and recruiting specialized workers, while offering you expert advice in human resources.

We strongly believe in the importance of defining who you are, and the impact that individuals have on your business and employees. Each step of the process is taken with your full collaboration. By the end of these sessions, you will have developed HR management abilities making you feel empowered in your workplace. Our priority is building your autonomy and self-confidence.

The tools presented are quickly applicable, bringing structure and clarity within the workplace. Once the sessions are over, we will assess your satisfaction level and adapt our methods if necessary.

Our approach is transparent. It’s the results that matter! This is what sets us apart: fast and efficient results. We focus on you, so that you become the most trusted person to your employees, clients, and partners.

Here is an overview of our services.



  • Performance optimization
  • Skills development
  • Change management
  • Team cohesion improvement

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Coaching of management teams

  • Leadership and managerial courage
  • Communication and engagement
  • Co-development

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Human resources management tools

  • Pay scales, compensation policies, and pay equity
  • Administrative and management policies and procedures
  • Performance indicators

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Development and organizational health

  • Organizational diagnostic
  • Revision, optimization and implementation of organizational structures
  • Knowledge management and transfer of knowledge

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Start-up support

  • Strategic alignment and development of management teams
  • Advice on the fundamentals of human resources
  • Development and implementation of structures, policies and procedures in human resources

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Psychometric tests

  • Personality and leadership
  • Management style
  • Professional skills assessment
  • Sales profile
  • Evaluation of potential
  • Selection tests

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Attraction, selection and retention

  • Planning of needs and workforce management
  • Definition of a company’s personality (Employer brand)
  • Welcoming and orienting
  • Development of professional competencies

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