Attraction, selection and retention

Attraction, selection and workforce retention

Who are you? How does your company stand out as a top employer? Would you know how to attract and retain the employees that you have miraculously found during this period of labour shortage?

For the sake of retaining your employees and attracting future talent, as a business, you must know your strong points as well as the weaker ones.

All these questions can be discussed with one of our advisors. The results will lead you to be autonomous, with a tailored company that reflects your vision.

Emplois Compétences’ approach:

By knowing your company well enough to promote it, you will not only engage your employees but also attract potential candidates.


Proposed themes:

  • Planning of needs and workforce management (arrivals and exits)
  • Definition of the company’s personality
  • Welcoming and orienting
  • Development of professional competencies


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