Coaching of management teams

Coaching one-on-one and group management

Management coaching is an approach that enables a person or a group of people to pinpoint specific development objectives pertaining to their approach with management, accompanied by a coach who will suggest practical activities during the entire process.

In order to obtain fast results, it is important to meet the challenges that are offered to you. Remember that the coach is there to guide you, but only you can do the work necessary to put in practice what you’ve learned between sessions. Are you ready?

Emplois Compétences’ approach:

We provide an outside perspective to your business. We will offer you tools and coaching on how to help your team play to their strengths. This is the approach your business needs in order to prosper.


One-on-one coaching

  • Learn and improve your role and responsibilities
  • Develop a long-term vision
  • Define your leadership style, and develop it in a positive and influential way
  • Learn to adequately delegate job tasks and create dynamic and autonomous work teams
  • Develop and consolidate your communication and listening skills, and the ability to influence others
  • Have a solid grasp on the success factors that will enable you to motivate teams
  • Implement a culture of accountability within work teams


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