Human resources management tools

HR management tools

If there’s one common denominator in all companies, it’s the HR management tools. They allow you to put down on paper the essence of your business and help you manage effectively.

Having HR tools in place is one of the key parts to managing human resources. Documentation is necessary as an effective reference framework for employees and managers alike.

Developing your tools is much more than mere writings. They reflect your culture, your values, policies and procedures, your company image, as well as the development of your long-term vision.

Emplois Compétences’ approach:

We customize HR management tools best suited for our clients and make sure that you have the know-how to use and share them with others.


Tools offered:

  • Pay scales, compensation policies and pay equity
  • Administrative and management policies and procedures
  • Performance indicators
  • Employee’s manual
  • Harassment policy
  • Performance evaluation
  • Detailed Job descriptions
  • Any other tool your business would like to develop


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