Psychometric tests

Psychometric tests

Have you ever felt ambivalent about hiring a person you’ve interviewed for a job, unsure if they’d make a good acquisition for your team? Along with their technical skills, do they have the right interpersonal skills that will make them an asset for your team? Are they a quick learner? Psychometric tests are designed to help you find out about a candidate’s personality in order to measure their suitability for a role.

Also, have you ever wondered about the potential professional development of your current staff?

Emplois Compétences’ approach :

Understanding and using the psychometric test results in practical ways: a skills development plan, scalable career supervision, revision of an employee’s job description, etc.


Proposed themes:

  • Personality and leadership
  • Management styles
  • A summary of technical skills
  • Sales patterns
  • Evaluation of potential
  • Selection tests


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 Here are six tests to help you better understand how they can facilitate your HR tasks.  

General Personality Test

Duration: 7 minutes, 15 sets of 4 sentences

This test identifies five dominant personality traits in an individual, and available to all profiles.

Sample Question

We can blame me for:

Classify items from 1 to 4

  • Being stoic, never revealing my feelings.
  • Being a little rebellious, desiring to change situations and people.
  • Always on the run, needing to move and discover the world.
  • Wanting to plan ahead everything.

Report Presentation

  • Dominant traits
  • Graph
  • Personalized comments
  • Summary charts
  • Profile match with the company’s available positions

Test psycho - Big five


Duration: 12–15 minutes, 98 questions

This test analyzes the 12 key personality components, motivations and values, and determines the professional profile of executives and employees.

Sample Question

Choose the sentence that best describes you:

  • In my actions, I’m the sprinter.
  • I’m rather a jogger.

Report Presentation

  • Graph and summary charts
  • Personalized comments
  • Profile summary
  • Comparison with nine other personality types
  • Matching with 59 professional groups
  • Profile match with the company’s available positions

Test psycho - Emotionnal


Personality and Leadership Test

Duration: 25–30 minutes, 114 questions

This test assess personality traits, values and operating procedures for senior staff and management.

Sample Question

Je m’intéresse plus aux résultats immédiats qu’aux business plan et aux projections.

Immediate results interest me more than business plans and projections.

1 = Does not describe me at all;

7 = Describes me perfectly.

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 

Report presentation

  • Concise presentation of the results as graphs and tables
  • Profile summary and personalized comments
  • Generic definitions of the measured traits
  • Social desirability indicator
  • Profile match with 21 key skills
  • Profile match with the company directory of functions and skills repository (on demand)

Test psycho - Professionnal profile 2


Management Style Profile Test

Duration: 8–10 minutes, 49 questions

This test allows analysis of the capacity and management style, and positions the candidate in regards to the leadership type profiles.

Sample Question

For you, an effective manager must:

  • Master all aspects and technical issues.
  • Assess the full scale of a situation.

Report Presentation

  • Graph
  • Summary table
  • Personalized comments
  • Relevance to the manager profile

Test psycho - CTPI-R


Skills Assessment

Duration: 12 minutes, 91 sentences

This test allows for a review of professional qualifications and to identify behavioral skills. Open to all profiles with a Bachelor’s degree.

Sample Question

Choose the option that best describes you:

  • Arguer
  • Organized


Report Presentation

  • General profile
  • Profile summary
  • Graph
  • Personalized comments
  • Matching with 58 professional groups
  • Profile match with the company’s positions

Test psycho - Inventory


Sales Profile

Duration: 20–25 minutes, 85 contextual questions

This test evaluates the commercial potential, skills and motivations in the field of sales.

Sample Question

After my third prospecting call, I only got refusals:

  • I continue with my calls.
  • I try a different approach.

Report Presentation

  • Indicators
  • General profile
  • Graph
  • Comments 
  • Profile resume
  • Profile match with the company’s positions
  • Profile match with positions and functions

Test psycho - Sales profile