Start-up support

Start-up support

Do you want to make sure you have the organizational structure well in place before starting up your business? Do you know what your conditions for attracting and retaining employees are, or would you like to highlight them? Are you looking to put together a team of highly skilled workers?

The start-up phase is an essential part of your business. Which is why you must be fully prepared. Our team will be happy to walk you through the key elements that will make your business a total success from the start!

Emplois Compétences’ approach:

We will help your company strategically position itself, so that you can develop a short, medium, or long-term business plan that will remain solid throughout the years.


Recommended themes :

  • The strategic alignment and the development of management teams
  • The fundamentals in human resources (organigrams, working conditions, compensation policy, pay equity, etc.)
  • Implementation of a basic HR structure
  • Development of tools


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