Training managerial teams

Markets are becoming more and more competitive, and it is important to constantly review the way we do business in order to increase efficiency and profitability. Much too often, companies resort to cuts, layoffs, and dismissals. But knowing that there is a severe shortage of manpower, this method is troublesome.

Invest in manpower training instead!

Management training ensures greater day-to-day coherence in the workplace, a higher engagement level, better time management, and a strong and confident leadership.

The technical training can be done through the passing on of know-how, and knowledge development. This will enable continuous improvement of quality, production, and customer experience, while encouraging staff retention. These options will result in a lower turnover rate, and positively impact productivity and profitability.

Emplois Compétences’ approach:

You have the workforce, we have the tools and expertise. Let us guide you so that each employee finds their place. A happy employee is a more productive one.

Training program:

The themes below address several notions on management. Our program is adapted to our clientele: team leaders, managers, and directors. It was designed to meet your needs and help you solve your organizational issues.

  • Enhance the leadership level and management style through accountability and communication
  • Optimize work team through cohesion and coherence
  • Increase work performance through continuous improvement of structures and processes
  • Develop technical skills through passed on expertise, task delegation and training
  • Nurture and oversee management of change through engagement and project management.  


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